Instant Mobility - Multimodality for people and goods in urban areas

In the Instant Mobility vision, every journey and every transport movement is part of a fully connected and self-optimising ecosystem.  Whatever the traveller's situation (office, home, on-trip…) Instant Mobility will deliver useful Future Internet enabled information and services.

The traveller will receive personalised and real-time solutions to support him reaching his destination according to current personal preferences and constraints, real-time traffic status and public transport availability along his journey. These real time-solutions will be proactively updated during the traveller journey based on his effective progression.

Local authorities, public transport operators and professional drivers will all benefit from the open information platform that Instant Mobility will provide to publish information regarding immediate and near future mobility requests as well as effective availability and location of all means of transportation. This will allow new ways to optimize urban traffic while enhancing safety and privacy of the travellers and promoting car sharing and car-pooling on a new scale.

Fleet operators’ management and goods collect & delivery monitoring are the other key components of the Instant Mobility holistic vision of the near future urban mobility.


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